DPC Episode 24: Preparing For A Diabetic Emergency

This podcast features Daniel and Sabrina Chavez.
During this podcast, we go over the following topics:

  • What to do in a diabetic emergency
  • Types of diabetic emergencies
  • what to bring if traveling as a diabetic
  • what to expect with T.S.A when traveling as a diabetic

Also discussed within the podcast was how to administer a Glucagon kit, and how much Glucagon to give to younger kids, as well as to older kids and adults.
For more information about Glucagon, please see:
Glucagon Information On Wikipedia

DPC Episode 21: Christmas Shopping

This episode features Daniel Chavez and Sabrina Chavez.
Within this episode, we shop for christmas gifts for family, on December 1, 2018. We go to places such as Walmart, Valley Fair mall (a mall only in Utah,) etc. Awesome sounds and trains can be heard within the mall portion of the episode.