DChavezPodcast Episode 6: ScripTalk Station

This podcast goes over the ScripTalk Station reader, which allows a person who has talking RFID labels to read medication information allowed.
Created by En-Vision, ScripTalk Station lets those who have talking RFID labels read info such as:

  • Name of medication
  • Drug Name, Dosage and Instructions
  • Warnings
  • Pharmacy Information
  • Doctor Name
  • Prescription Number and Date
  • There is also an app available for both Android and iPhone.
    For more info about the ScripTalk Station reader or app, please visit the
    En-Vision America Website


    DChavezPodcast Episode 5: New Instruments

    On this episode of DChavezPodcast, my wife joins me in talking about the new musical instrument I just received, and goes over the instrument that she will either rent or buy pretty soon.


    DChavezPodcast Episode 4: Sensor And Pod Change

    On this addition of DChavezPodcast, the OmniPod5 pod and Dexcom G7 sensor are changed.
    My wife walks users through the steps of how to change the pod for the Omnipod5 insulin pump system, as well as the sensor for the Dexcom G7.


    DChavezPodcast Episode 3: Tuning Your Percussion Instrument

    On this episode of DChavezPodcast, I go into detail on how to tune the set of bongos that I have.


    DChavezPodcast Episode 2: ADT On The Go

    On this addition of the DChavezPodcast episode 2, I discuss the ADT medical system called, On The Go.
    This system allows those with active lifestyles to have freedom to go anywhere, at any time.
    For more info regarding the various medical systems that ADT offers, please visit:
    Medical Systems from ADT


    DChavezPodcast Episode 1: Omnipod5

    On this first episode of DChavezPodcast, we discuss an insulin pump system, the Omnipod5.
    The system is used to administer insulin for those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as interface with a Dexcom G6 CGM system, enabling you to get insulin depending on sugar levels.
    This system is made by Insulet, who mades another system called Omnipod Dash, as well as the pods required for both the Omnipod Dash system and the Omnipod5 system.
    For more info regarding Omnipod or it’s systems, please visit: